3 Trees That Will Stand Strong Against Strong Winds

Living in a region of the country with strong winds means that you are all too familiar with the damage it can cause to trees. Strong winds will defoliate your plants, cause tree branches to eventually break off under pressure, and even uproot trees out of the ground. The winds will also pull moisture away from trees faster than they are capable of absorbing it. Thankfully, there are some trees that are cable of enduring high winds without suffering from damage thanks to the strong trunks and thin leaves. Consider using any of these 3 trees in your yard.

Incense Cedar

An incense cedar tree will grow slow initially, but after it begins to grow, it can increase in height very quickly. They'll be able to tolerate the dry summers that result in soil without much moisture. The tree requires very little maintenance, with it not even needing pruning.

The foliage is a rich green color with bark that has a reddish tint to it, making it a very attractive looking tree in your landscaping. The tree will bear yellow seeds that can resemble a duck's bill when they are open. Incense cedar also produces a very pungent fragrance that will waft through a yard during the summer.

Desert Willow

A desert willow tree will grow quickly but then slow down as it gets older. The tree will also develop twists in the tree trunk and bark that is shaggy. The leaves are very narrow, which helps resist the wind, and they have blooms that are trumpet-shaped and fragrant. The blooms on the trees are also known to attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

This tree will drop its leaves early in the year but will hold onto a crop of seeds throughout the winter. The tree can be pruned if you want to thin out its growth

Paper Mulberry

Don't let the name of this tree fool you, as it is very strong with it capable of tolerating drought, strong winds, pollution, and heat. The paper mulberry also provides excellent shade due to the broad and dense crown.

The bark of the tree is gray and smooth but will become furrowed and ridged as the tree gets older. The leaves are heart-shaped and green but gray and velvety underneath. The female and male trees will have flowers, with them growing red fruits and catkins respectively. The tree requires a minimal amount pruning during its dormant phase.

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