Recognize Your Child's College Football Career With Custom Framing

When your child plays college football, even if just for a year, it's nice to recognize the accomplishment with a display in your home. While your young athlete might roll his eyes a little upon seeing the display, he'll also likely be proud of his accomplishment — and this pride should grow in the years that follow. Instead of just buying a cheap frame and framing a photo of him in his uniform, visit a custom framing shop to discuss some ideas with a framing professional. One of the advantages of custom framing is that a framing professional can build a frame that will suit just about anything. Here are three types of frames to consider.

Jersey Frame

It's customary for college athletes to get to keep one of their jerseys, and framing your child's football jersey will likely be the centerpiece of your display. Your framing professional will work to ensure that the frame is large enough and that it holds a hanging mechanism that will allow you to display the jersey without damaging it. Additionally, jersey frames will often include a hinged front that will allow you or your child to open the frame and remove the jersey when desired.

Shadow Box For Gear

Another valuable type of frame that you can have built is a custom shadow box to hold your child's bulky gear. Unlike a sleek frame for a jersey, your shadow box will be several inches deep to accommodate some specific items. Your child's football helmet is a perfect addition to a shadow box. Your custom framer might ask you about lining the inside of the shadow box with mirror. Doing so will allow people to see the helmet's various sides more clearly. This frame will often have a lift-off top to allow for the removal of the helmet.

Collage Frame

It's also nice to put together a number of flat souvenirs related to your child's college football career. These can include ticket stubs and programs from games, clippings from the college newspaper, action photos, and photos of your child with you and other family members. If you have a lot of these souvenirs, you can make them into a collage, mount the collage to a backing, and have the framing shop build a frame that suits the size. This frame can be built with the same type of wood and accents as the other frames, making everything in your display look cohesive.

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