Tips to Help You Successfully Plan and Use Your Drip Irrigation System

Because water can be scarce in many climates, it is a natural resource you should not waste, including when you water your yard and garden. Many types of sprinkler and spray-watering systems waste a lot of their delivered water through evaporation, runoff, and over-spray. Installing a drip irrigation can help you save water by delivering it directly to the roots of your plants. Here are some tips to help you plan and use a drip irrigation watering system. 

Water According to Your Climate

One of the most common problems with growing garden plants is watering too much or too little. After you have set up your irrigation system and are ready to begin using it, decide how long to run the water on your system throughout the week. Depending on the climate you live in and the temperature during the day, you should leave the irrigation system on long enough to sufficiently water your plants.

Keep in mind, an irrigation system does not deliver water at a rate as fast as from a sprinkler or garden sprayer does. Watering your plants for a few minutes each day is not going to be long enough. A drip irrigation system delivers water slowly, allowing the water to soak into the ground and permeate to the roots of your plants.

As an example, if you live in a dry, arid climate, it is recommended to run your irrigation system for a total of two hours each week (in two separate sessions) during the growing season to deliver the equivalent of two inches of rain water to your plants. This is considering your drip irrigation system delivers about one gallon per hour. If you are not sure of the water needs of your garden plants for your climate, you can call a local county extension to find out how much you need to water. 

Water With Long Sessions

Make sure you are watering in long, infrequent watering sessions instead of short, frequent watering sessions. Watering for a longer session will allow the water to reach deep down into the soil. This helps the roots of your plants grow and form a large network and also help the plants grow healthier.

Longer watering sessions are also better for your plants because in short session, the water doesn't penetrate the soil, which can cause your plant's root balls to remain shallow and small. Shallow roots are more likely to be scorched by the heat of the sun, causing your plant stress and even killing them.

Use these tips and talk to a company like Hydrotech Irrigation Co for more information on using your drip irrigation system.