Going Off The Grid With Wood Pellet Stoves And Solar Panels

Heating bills are getting higher for most people every year. As a result, a growing number of people are trying to get off the grid by heating their home with a wood pellet stove. You can go even further off the grid by installing solar panels to power them.

Wood Pellets Are Environmentally-Friendly

Wood pellets are designed from a variety of different materials that are environmentally-friendly. For example, most are made out of recycled wood materials that have been compressed. This compression makes them more efficient and cleaner to burn. As a result, they are typically a very clean and safe type of fuel for your stove.

While it costs around $1,700 or so to install one of these stoves, they allow you to get off the heating grid and start taking care of your own heating needs. Rather than relying on the services of a gas company, you can get high-quality heat at a price that you can afford. Adding solar panels helps to benefit you even more.

Solar Panels Can Take You Off The Grid

Solar panels are perhaps the most efficient type of source of electricity on the market. They take the rays of the sun and transform it into powerful energy. They have ratings as high as 22.5 percent, which is much higher than normal electrical sources. Using these solar panels to power your wood pellet furnace helps to decrease your dependency on outside electricity and further take you off the grid.

The Price Is Particularly Nice

Installing a system like this is a very cheap process. While it may cost you $20,000 or so to install a solar power system, it can pay for itself very quickly by eliminating much of your dependency on outside electricity. Even better, your wood pellet stove will be more efficient and inexpensive than it is already.

That's because wood pellet stoves operational prices are shockingly low. Combine that benefit with the increased electrical efficiency and you can get off the grid, increase your home's heating efficiency, and save yourself money all at the same time.

So if you are ready to cut your heating bill down to the lowest its been at in years, consider installing wood pellet stoves. Pairing one of these stoves with a solar panel system can help create a powerful, efficient, and off-the-grid heating method that saves you a lot of money and which helps protect the environment at the same time.