Tips To Make Your Patio An Attractive And Comfortable Outdoor Area

A backyard patio provides a place for you and your friends and family to gather during the summer for outdoor barbecues and parties. If your patio is looking neglected and worn, you can make some updates to it to improve its appearance and function. Here are some tips to help you add elements to your backyard patio to create a comfortable outdoor area that looks great.

Apply a Pavement Coating

Because your pavement is a solid surface in your yard, it will absorb and reflect heat from the sun during the day making your outdoor area unbearably hot during the afternoon. If your pavement is of black asphalt, its color will absorb a large amount of heat and continue to release heat into the air long after the sun has set. But you can apply a reflective pavement coating that is tinted white, grey, green, or another color to help keep your asphalt or concrete pavement and your backyard cooler.

This type of solar pavement coating is made of an epoxy and acrylic combination with reflective pigments to prevent solar absorption and boost reflection. It also contains aggregates to resist abrasion and help your pavement last longer. You can paint it directly onto your pavement yourself or hire a professional crew to apply it, giving your pavement an attractive appearance. This coating will last through the winter, any freeze-thaw patterns, and provides skid-resistant traction when your pavement is wet.

Stain Your Concrete

Another option to make your asphalt an attractive surface in your backyard is by staining the concrete with an acid stain or a water-based application. Each type of stain will require you to prepare your concrete to make sure it effectively and uniformly colors your concrete. An acid stain reacts with the concrete to produce the coloring, and a water-based stain is absorbed into the pores of your concrete. Follow the cleaning and preparation instructions on the product you select, or you can hire a professional to apply the concrete stain.

With a concrete stain, you can select from a variety of colors and patterns with different color combinations. Then, as a follow-up treatment, you can seal your concrete with a concrete sealant to protect the stain and to give your patio a smooth, finished sheen to increase its beauty.

Provide Patio Shade

If you have stained your concrete, you may want to add shading elements to the perimeter of your patio to keep the area cooler during the heat of the summer day. You can add an awning to your patio that extends from your home, or plant trees near the patio to cast shadows over the area.

Position any trees on the south and south-west side of your pavement so that their shadows fall upon your concrete during the hottest part of the day. And place trees several feet from the patio so their roots won't grow up and damage the concrete. For more information, contact your local patios experts.