Home Invasion Of The Rodent Kind: How To Seal Your Home As Prevention

Mice are such tiny creatures. It should not surprise homeowners when mice get into the house. Mice can squeeze through all kinds of spaces when they are looking for food and shelter, and your home has both. However, there is a way to prevent being invaded by these small, furry pests. It involves sealing your home to prevent mice from entering. Here is how it is done (and yes, you can DIY).

Caulk Is Your Best Friend

Grab about two or three tubes of waterproof caulk. It needs to be waterproof so that rain and leaky pipes cannot wash the caulk away and open up areas that you sealed off. Then grab a caulk gun, load up, and start looking for holes, gaps, and anywhere around your foundation, crawlspaces, and/or cupboards and plumbing areas under sinks. Caulk it all up. 

Steel wool and Metal Mesh or Metal Lathe Are Your Friends, Too

With bigger gaps and bigger holes, you cannot simply inject or drip caulk over these areas. You have to use materials that the mice are not going to want to chew. Steel wool is the cheapest. Stuff larger holes with steel wool and caulk around the edges of the steel wool in the holes or gaps. You can also use ultra-fine metal mesh and metal lathe; mice cannot and will not attempt to chew anything metal. Bolt or screw the metal mesh or metal lathe in position, caulk the edges to seal, and you are good to go.

Meshing Vents

Finally, do not ignore vented areas on your home's exterior. These vented areas are often located on roofs or in attic sections above bathrooms. Mice and other rodents can squeeze through the louvered vents right into your home. Have pest control remove these louvered areas, cover the openings with a sheet of metal mesh, and then reinstall the louvered vents. On roofs, the pest control expert can check to make sure mice cannot squeeze past the whirring fans. 

Most Importantly, Think Like a Mouse

As you seal your home against mice, think like a mouse. If you as a mouse would attempt to squeeze under the front door, through a pet door, etc., consider how you would go about it and how to barricade these areas. Then barricade and seal them. You might have to get on your hands and knees and crawl along the foundation outside looking as a mouse would for open opportunities.