2 Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing Fish For Your Home's New Aquarium

If you have recently purchased an aquarium for your home, you may have already put it up and allowed the water to cycle and are getting ready to go buy some fish to put it in. However, while you are picking out what fish you want for your tank, make sure you avoid the following mistakes that could have disastrous results.

1.  Neglecting to Consider the Temperament of the Breeds You Buy

If you have never had an aquarium before, you may believe that any fish you put in the tank will naturally get along. So, you only consider their vibrant colors or interesting shapes when you make your selections.

However, if you neglect to do a little research into the temperament of each species, you will most likely have a bloodbath in your aquarium. Since fish are living creatures, they have their own particular instincts and behaviors, and sometimes, you should not put them together.

For example, you may have decided that you want a small school of neon tetras to add splashes of blue color to the water. Then, as a contrast to their tiny size, you may decide to pick up some cichlids. However, since cichlids are very aggressive fish, even toward their own kind, you may discover that your school of neons starts to decrease very quickly as the other more aggressive fish attack.

2.  Purchasing Too Many Fish and Overstocking the Tank

Even if you do your research and discover fish varieties that can all live together in harmony, there is another mistake that you should avoid. Because you want your aquarium to be teeming with life, you may buy as many fish as possible to put in the tank.

However, if you overstock your tank, your aquarium will not be teeming with life for very long. Just like other living creatures, fish need room to grow, food to eat, and a clean environment in which to thrive. If you put too many fish in your tank, they will have to compete for room and food, even if you think you are putting in enough to feed them all.

And, since they will all defecate, their waste will go into the water faster than the filter will be able to clean. You will then end up with sick or dead fish before long.

Avoiding the above mistakes when selecting and purchasing fish for your new tank can help you keep them healthier and safer. For more information about which fish would be ideal, speak with someone at a store like Neptune's Tropical Fish.