Beyond Granite: Transformative Countertop Solutions

As popular as granite countertops have become, you might not think about anything else when it comes time for a kitchen update. Read on to find out what else you should consider when transforming those tired, scratched, and worn countertops into something clean, sleek, and attractive.


This inexpensive fix can give your kitchen the appearance of marble, granite, wood, ceramic tile, and other things. Because they are easy to install, laminates are a quick solution that also appear to be much more expensive than they really are. Best of all, laminates are hardy and heat resistant—just be sure not to cut your veggies directly on the surface, as laminates can show marks.

Solid Surface

Sold in sheets, this option combines the look of granite or stone with value, convenience, and durability. Solid surface acrylics are seamless and provide kitchens with a sleek and modern appearance. They can unify a kitchen if they are used as the backsplash and the countertop, and even your sink can be made of the same material. It's quite stain resistant, but it does scratch relatively easily, so use a cutting board.


Quartz is almost as hardy as granite and seldom chips. Usually less expensive than granite, it provides the same look and resists heat, abrasions, and stains. The color and pattern choices of quartz will make decisions more difficult—and that's about the only negative for this countertop choice.


Who doesn't love the look of cool marble in a kitchen? If you love the French farmhouse look, nothing beats marble. Unfortunately, marble is expensive, stains easily, and can be damaged by hot pans. If marble is a must (and marble is an excellent surface for rolling dough on), consider using it only on the island and not near the work areas.


People love granite for a reason: its coloration choices are sure to give your kitchen a unique look, and it resists heat and cutting. Be sure to keep it sealed properly to avoid scratches that can dull the surface. Like marble, granite can be expensive.


Butcher block is seeing a resurgence in terms of popularity. If you love the warm look of wood throughout your home, wooden countertops repeat that vibe. In most cases, what makes wood more vulnerable also lends to the look. Wood can fall prey to nicks and burns, but it can always be sanded down and re-varnished when it begins to look weary.

To learn more about any of the above choices, contact your interior decorator service.