Three Places Around Your Home That Need Awnings

An awning covering your patio creates a cool, shady spot in hot weather and a dry haven when it rains. But awnings can help out your home in other places as well. Any spot that you need to protect from rain and sun can benefit from an awning.

Of course, you should pick and choose spots for awnings carefully. When you do make the final decision about where to place awnings, consider some extra areas that aren't normally on people's radar.

Next to the Front Door

Your home's front door should have a protective overhang above it; if it does not, or if the overhang is not adequate and doesn't stop you from getting drenched in rain, adding an awning above the door is necessary. Even if the overhang is enough to protect the door, you may want to look into adding unobtrusive awnings on either side to prevent wind-blown rain from getting you wet. The overhang above the door helps protect you from rain falling straight down, but if the rain is falling on a diagonal due to wind, you can still get wet unless you extend the overhand and add awnings.

The Side Yard

If you don't do much with your side yard, this next option might not apply to you. However, if you want to use the side yard and don't use it as much as you'd like due to harsh afternoon sun, an awning along the side of the house or part of it helps block that harsh light from reaching windows and baking anything you leave out along that side of the house.

The Play Area

If you have a swing set or play area in your backyard for your kids, use an awning or canopy to shade it on sunny days. The canopy or awning should be secure so that it doesn't blow away in the wind and doesn't sag during heavy rains; these awnings can be rather big depending on the size of the play area. Shading the play equipment means that its metal parts won't become very hot in summer, making it safer and more comfortable to use.

As you look around your home to find places that could benefit from awnings, prioritize those areas that are currently difficult or unpleasant to use due to weather issues. Combined with smart landscaping, you can make the area around your home a lot more comfortable.