Have An Old Shed You Want To Use As A Workshop And Hangout? Add Insulation, A Roof, And More

If you have a large shed that you want to use more as a hangout and workshop than as a storage area, there are some easy changes you can make. You don't have to invest a ton of money and time into the space to make it a usable area.

You first want to make sure that the floor is safe and should repair and damaged or questionable boards. Then do the following to make sure that the shed works as you hope.

Add Roofing Shingles

If the ceiling is currently only boards, you can easily add roofing shingles to the boards on your own. Large ones are easy to put on, and this should speed up the process. If you don't think that you can do it on your own, look into getting a professional to help. Add roofing ventilation as well, or a ventilation cable on the side of the building.

Spray Foam Insulation

A great way to insulate and help make the shed more comfortable is to use polyurethane spray foam insulation. Experts can come and spray insulation along the walls and the roof. If you are worried about how it looks, frame out walls and hang drywall, and then spray the insulation between the interior and exterior walls.

This doesn't just help prevent air loss and drafts from coming in the shed, but also will protect the interior of the shed from water leaks and damages. As the polyurethane expands, it will also help keep the shed structurally stronger.

Heating Options

If you want to use this space when the weather drops and protection from the wind isn't enough, look into small, battery-powered heating options. Infrared heating is another possibility. Run an electrical extension cord to the shed if you need to so you can get the heat you want.

You can easily turn the building from an old shed that feels like you're outside even when you are inside it, to a space where you can hang out, stay dry, and work or have fun. Make sure that you take the time to insulate the building properly, and then you will be able to keep any heat that you power into the space. You can put a sound system in the shed, a television, and anything else that will help you enjoy it more when you are out and have free time in the space.