Recognize Your Child's College Football Career With Custom Framing

When your child plays college football, even if just for a year, it’s nice to recognize the accomplishment with a display in your home. While your young athlete might roll his eyes a little upon seeing the display, he’ll also likely be proud of his accomplishment — and this pride should grow in the years that follow. Instead of just buying a cheap frame and framing a photo of him in his uniform, visit a custom framing shop to discuss some ideas with a framing professional.

What Can You Do to Prepare a Guest Room?

With the holidays around the corner, now is the time to prepare a space for your guests. If you have been putting off completing your guest room, there is still time to get it prepared before the first knock on the door. To help ensure your guest room is ready, here are some questions to ask yourself.  Where Are Your Guests Sleeping? The most obvious answer to this question is a bed, but, if you have a limited amount of space to work with or you plan to use the room in the future for other purposes, setting up an actual bed might not be the best course of action.

Water Your Plants, but Watch Out for Waste

Even if there is not water rationing or drought in your region, be cognizant of the water that you use to water your lawn, gardens, and plants this summer. Take care to conserve water and reduce your impact on the Earth. If you pay for your water, such as through a municipal water supply, use some simple strategies to lower your bill during months when you typically use a bit more water to care for your landscaping.

Three Tips for Framing Your Artwork

Whether it’s your own artwork or artwork that you have purchased from a local artist, you will want to ensure that you frame your art properly in your home. This way, the piece will get the attention that it deserves. Here are three tips for framing your artwork. Keep Frames Simple for Larger Pieces For a large piece of artwork, it’s best if the frame is small and light. This way the frame doesn’t take away from the large painting that should be the main focus.

Avoiding Bed Bug Infestations On Urban Public Transportation

If you regularly commute into New York City and take public transportation along the way, you may find yourself wondering about recent reports of bedbugs lurking on both subway trainsand buses. These tenacious little pests use public transportation vehicles as hubs from which to expand, catching a ride with any unfortunate passerby to begin new colonies in unsuspecting homes. But what are the chances that you will pick up bedbugs from any particular subway car, and what can you do to discourage unwanted hitchhikers?

Can't Live In The Islands? 5 Ways To Bring The Islands To You Instead

Want to turn your yard into a tropical oasis? This little slice of heaven can be yours even if you live in less-than-tropical climates. So, how can you design your own paradise retreat? Here are 5 steps to help get you started. Layer Plants Carving out a tropical paradise in a different environment involves first blocking your senses from focusing on the outside elements. Do this by placing layers of plants to create an effective barrier—both visual and aural.

3 Trees That Will Stand Strong Against Strong Winds

Living in a region of the country with strong winds means that you are all too familiar with the damage it can cause to trees. Strong winds will defoliate your plants, cause tree branches to eventually break off under pressure, and even uproot trees out of the ground. The winds will also pull moisture away from trees faster than they are capable of absorbing it. Thankfully, there are some trees that are cable of enduring high winds without suffering from damage thanks to the strong trunks and thin leaves.